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Olson, Olivia, Helsingborg, Sweden, född 1850?2010-05-27 13:16

2010-05-12 01:25 

 Hi.  I am working on my Family Tree and at a loss for how to trace back my Swedish ancestry.  I have not ben able to find any records going back to Sweden...only the ones of my great-grandmother after she had come to America.  I will write down all the facts I know and would appreciate any information anyone would be able to share with me.  I"m at a loss, but I know if I can put some of the pieces together it is a pretty interesting story.  My great-grandmother"s name was Olivia Olson. She was born in Helsingborg, Sweden on February 12, 1870.  (She died in America on October 30, 1951.)  She was the only daughter to Olaf Olson and Maria (Peterson) Olson.  Maria"s Father was a Mildur Peterson (not sure of the exact spelling) and we are not sure of her Mother"s name. Mildur lived at a castle as a count or duke in Denmark until Denmark was invaded by the Germans and he was exiled.  He then fled to Sweden where I believe is where he was born.  According to my records he was born in Sweden and Maria was born in Demark, but I"m not positive of this.  I haven"t been able to get any records at all on Olivia"s parent"s...only what"s been passed down in my family.  I believe her parents died when she was fairly young (10-12 I would guess)  and she was befriended by her school teacher who not too much later sponsored her to come to America.  I would love to also be able to find out her school teacher"s name but don"t know how I would possibly do that.  I have not been able to find out her passenger information (the year and name of the boat she came over on and whether she came into New York or Boston.)  Any information, records, etc. anyone has in regards to the ancestors I have listed here or possibly some I don"t know about would be so very greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much for your time.  I am looking forward to putting together the story of my Swedish and Danish history of which I am so very proud.

  SVAR 2010-05-12 07:01

1870-02-12 Datum avser födelse
ID-nr/Regler 16798/DDSS

Namn Oliva Kön kvinna
Äktenskaplig börd ej angivet Antal födda
Dödfödd Paritet


Namn Maria Petersdotter
Titel piga (Maid)
Ort Görarp
Ålder/födelseår 34

Pigan i Raus S-n Kersti Petersson, som bar barnet (godmother) samt Pigan derstädes Peternilla Andersd-r, Husmanen i Görarp Per Andersson.
Döpt af S. M. Adj. E. Th. Timelin (the name of the minister)

She was born in Bårslöv which is not far from Helsingborg. As you can see there is no father mentioned. Mother was a maid. Piga could also mean unmarried woman usually from lower classes.
Maria was born around 1835/1836. I don"t know where because I haven"t go the church records. The above information is from, a database. 
Perhaps somebody having access to the church records can look up where Maria was born and who her parents were. Perhaps she married Olaf Olsson later on.

Eva M

  SVAR 2010-05-12 07:11

Ekeby parish:

Datum 1835-11-20 Datum avser födelse
ID-nr/Regler 9902994/SDD

Namn Maria Kön kvinna
Äktenskaplig börd inom äktenskapet

Namn Peter Magnus Milde
Titel skräddare  (tailor)
Ort L Väckullshus

Namn Hanna
Ålder/födelseår 37

This is just a guess as regards Maria"s birth. Ekeby is not far from Helsingborg. Mildur could be a misinterpretation of Milde. Petter Milde died in 1841. Hanna died in 1848.

Eva M
  SVAR 2010-05-12 08:59

As to Danish history. In 1848 and 1864 Denmark and Germany (Prussia) fought a war.   Only parts of southern Denmark were occupied 1864 when Denmark lost the war.
I assume a count would have had a more aristocratic last name than Petterson.

Eva M
  SVAR 2010-05-12 09:01

Navn: Olsson, Olivia Stilling: Ugift
Alder: 21 Bestemmelsessted: Hartford, Conn.
Kontrakt nr.: 547400 Forevisningsdato: 8/13/1891
Fødested: Sverrig Fødesogn: ?
Sidste oph.sogn: ? Sidste oph. amt: - Sverige
Sidste oph.sted: Sverrig Bestemmelses land: USA
Bestemmelses by: Hartford Bestemmelses stat: Connecticut
Skibsnavn: Indirekte
IDkode: I9192O0216

Could this be her emigrating from Copenhagen?  A single Swedish girl.

Eva M
  SVAR 2010-05-12 19:03

 I have to clarify some information from my last posting in regards to Olaf Olson.  After speaking with my Mother I guess the count or Duke I would be looking for would have the last name of Milder or Mildur.    We believe he was Father or Grandfather to Maria Peterson but not completely certain of that.  If anyone has any information on the Counts or Dukes at the Castles during the error of the War with Prussia and any of the names are similar to his that may be a good place to start.  We think he lived at the castle and they were all forced to flee after the invasion.  Thank you for your patience as I piece this puzzle together.

  SVAR 2010-05-13 00:52

Hello Trish and Patricia!

I looked up Olivia´s birthrecord in Bårslövs parish and she was born 1870-02-12 at Görarp no 1 by Maria Petersdotter. The father of Olivia is unknown. Olivia is raised by her mother, I cant find that Maria marries at all. 1884-09-26 Olivia moves to Helsingborgs parish, just 14 years old. I didnt find any clues to this Olaf Olsson you mentioned should be her father.

Olivia´s mother Maria Petersdotter was born at Lilla Väckullshus in Ekeby parish 1835-11-20.
Her parents and their other children were:

tailor Peter Magnus Milde born 1801-02-20 in Copenhagen/Denmark, dead 1841-01-07 in Ekeby parish
Hanna Pehrsdotter born 1798-11-16 in Ekeby parish, dead 1848-12-03 in Ekeby parish
son Gustaf born 1823-09-11 in Kågeröd parish, dead 1823
son Gustaf born 1825-03-03 at Lilla Haberga in Ekeby parish
daughter Johanna born 1828-09-16 at Lilla Haberga in Ekeby parish
son Anders born 1832-03-16 at Lilla Väckullshus in Ekeby parish

I found Peter Magnus Mildes parents in the danish census for 1801 in Copenhagen, they were marrid then but ther are no children on record here yet:

Non-commissioned officer (in swedish: underofficer) Magnus Milde, noted as 36 years old in 1801, no birthplace listed
Juliana Petersdotter Wallin born 1765-12-13 in Kågeröd parish

In 1813 I find Juliana and her son Peter Magnus living in Kågeröd parish, she is listed as a widow.
Julianas parents were Peter Wallin born 1742-02 in Rönneberga and Anna Margaretha Pärsdotter born 1741-01-04 in Broby.

I couldnt find the parents of Magnus Milde in Denmark.

I hope this information can give you some pieces to your puzzle.
Good Luck and Best Regards,
  SVAR 2010-05-13 23:41

 Thank you to all of you that are helping me to piece this together.  I have gotten some very useful information.  I just want to clarify a couple of things and ask a couple of questions.  Forgive me if they seem silly.  I have found out from my Mother that my Grandmother"s house was hit by lightning and burned down when she was young.  It must have been fairly traumatic for her since all through her life she was always very dicomforted by a thunder and lightning storm.  I don"t know what use this information might be, but I figured it was worth mentioning.  Her Father Olaf Olson we were told was a sea captain.  I got alot of information about an Olivia with the right birthday and many other things that matched up but was wondering if in the church records she was named Olivia Olson or Olivia Petersdotter after her Mother"s last name.  How would I know if it is my Olivia if the last name doesn"t match up?  Also, I noticed that Maria"s last name was different than that of her Father and that her mother"s middle name is Pehrsdotter which is so close to the one listed for Maria and also her Father"s name was Peter.  The information also noted that she moved to Helsinborg when she was only 14.  I wondered if there were any records of who she lived with.  I wonder if it was her school teacher that took her under her wing and later sponsored her to come to America.   I would love to find out who she was.  I figured that would also help me find out the vessel she came over on and perhaps what port she came into.  I"m also still wondering if there is a way to find out if there are records available of counts and dukes from Denmark during the war with Prussia that would have named a Milde.  Thank you for all of your help.
  SVAR 2010-05-14 15:29

Hello again Patricia!

To answer your question about Olivia´s surname, she was listed in the churchrecords as Olsson (see the picture below).

1884-09-26 she moves from Bårlöv to Qvarnen no 11 in Helsingborg.
1885-04-24 she moves to Raus no 1 in Raus parish. Here she works as a maid for the family of Sven Peter Larsson.
1886-10-24 she moves to Råå no 2 in Raus. Here she works as a maid for the family of Gustaf Olsson.
1889-11-05 she moves to Råå no 4 in Raus. Here she works as a maid for the family of skipper Olaus Olsson.
1890-10-24 she moves to Tornet no 16 in Helsingborg.
1891-08-11 she moves to America.

After this its possible she traveled to Denmark to take a ship from there to another bigger harbour so she could take a transatlantic ship to America. "Eva M" who answered you earlier, found an Olivia Olsson that travels from Copenhagen/Denmark 1891-08-13 on a ship "Indirekte". This isnt a ships namn, its a form of transport, also called "Transmigration". Mayby this is your Olivia. Which bigger harbour she travelled to before her voyage to Hartford, Connecticut we cant find any record of.

Surnames in Sweden: In old days, almost every child got their surname from their fathers firstname. For exemple, Olivias mother Maria got her surname Petersdotter (Peters daughter) from her fathers firstname Peter. If the child was a boy the surname would be Petersson (Peters son).

Why Olivia was named Olsson is a big question that I havent found an answer to. Probably her fathers name were Ola/Olof/Olaf or something similar, but I cant find any proof for that on record.

The question about a count called Milde, this I cant help you with. Didnt find anything in Denmark, maybe he was born in another european country.

I hope this clarifies some of your questions and I wish you the best of luck in continuing seach.
Best Regards,

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  SVAR 2010-05-23 01:04

 Hi Eva.  Thank you so much for your answers and all of you help.  You had sent me a document in swedish and I wonder if you would be able to translate it for me.  Especially the part that looks like christening info with names of Godparents.  
Pigan i Raus S-n Kersti Petersson, som bar barnet (godmother) samt Pigan derstädes Peternilla Andersd-r, Husmanen i Görarp Per Andersson. 
Döpt af S. M. Adj. E. Th. Timelin (the name of the minister)
I"m not quite sure if there was any other information in that document that would be helpful, but if you think there is and you could translate it, I would be most grateful..  Thanks.

  SVAR 2010-05-23 08:46

Hello Trish,

Witnesses at the baptizm
Maid in Raus parish Kersti Petersson who carried the child and the maid at the same place Peternilla Andersdotter and the house owner in Görarp Per Andersson
Baptized by Minister E Th. Timelin
There is no mentioning of a father.

Eva M
  SVAR 2010-05-23 15:12

Hello Trish,

Please use the link "Svara/Reply" when you follow up on previous posts.

If you have questions about new people it is of course a good idea to start a fresh thread, but be sure to add name, place and time in the heading.
  SVAR 2010-05-25 01:57

 Hi Camilla.  Thank you for all of your help in regards to Olivia"s information.  It has been most helpful.  I had a couple of other questions for you. Is there any record of what happened to Maria?  Death certificate?  Cause of death and/or date?  I may try to research some of her brothers and sisters and see if I could find another family tree that may have one of her siblings in common.  Maybe I could find something else out that way about Maria and the situation of her not having a husband.   Would you be able to tell me what it says in the church record you forwarded to me, all the way to the right on the line of Maria, above and to the left of Helsingborg.
My great grandmother listed her father as Olaf Olson and a sea captain.  I noticed in her work documents that she worked for a Olaus Olsson who was a skipper.  I know this is a long shot, but do you think there could be any chance that she knew Olaus was her father and she went to work for him to get to know him before leaving sweden?  The names and occupation seemed so close.  Thanks for all of your help.
  SVAR 2010-05-26 01:43

  SVAR 2010-05-27 03:05

 Got it.  Thanks for letting me know.  I"m still getting the hang of this.

  SVAR 2010-05-27 13:16

Hello again Trish!

In the churchrecord I sent you, it says: works at number 1 Görarp in Per Anderssons widows household.

Maria Petersdotter died 1889-04-02 in Bårslöv, se the picture below. The deathrecord says: number 3 (1889), dead april 2, burried april 5, Petersdotter Maria, maid, pauper (poor person), 53 years 4 months 12 days old, not married, died of chest illness.

There is a posibility that Olaus Olsson is her father or that someone related to him is the father but that I cant prove.

Warm regards,

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