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Perrson, William, Ystad, född about 18422009-05-02 18:14

2009-04-29 14:52 

Dear Friends: I seek information on my g-g-grandfather, known as William Parsons in America. His 1879 New York City marriage license says he was born in Ystad, Malmohus, Sweden in either 1841 or 1842. However, the 1880 census says he was born in 1832. It lists his parents as "Hans Parsons" and "Christina Olsson." Given the naming conventions in Sweden at the time, I don"t know how they were listed in Malmohus or if he put down the American version of their names on his license. We seek his birth record and immigration information about him, only knowing that he married in the U.S. in 1879. We don"t know any information about siblings. One document lists him as William J. Parsons, but we are not sure that he had a "J" middle name. If anyone could give us direction or guidance, we would be so appreciative. Thank you!! We are not on Genline. Jeanne Rollberg USA
  SVAR 2009-04-29 23:20

Dear Jeanne,

You need to let us know some more if possible. Do you know what year he emigrated? Is he to be found in any census besides the 1880? Before? In 1900?  Where did they live, in NY always? If we can find another census then maybe we can get an approximate year of birth. Did he die in NY? If so what year? I believe his parents could have been called Hans Persson/Pehrsson and Christina/Kristina Olsson, that"s very possible, and that indicates that W was born Hansson and would have emigrated as such. William is not likely what he was called origianally, it"s more likely  Wilhelm or Vilhelm. J is possibly Johan or Jons (with two dots above o). I have screened a lot of possible emigrants from that part born around 1832-1842 and there are a few interesting ones, but since we don"t have a year or a likely year for his emigration it"s quite useless to look deeper into those. We need more info. For how many years do you think/know he was in the US before marrying C? Did he come by himself or with his family? All this is important to find out. Since he"s quite an early emigrant - probably between 1850-1870, he might have left via Denmark or Germany and might be trickier to locate.

Anything will do.

  SVAR 2009-04-30 20:04

Hej Jeanne
Here are some other links you can try

and the Danish emigration archive

Parson is not a Swedish name, it must be Persson. If you follow the Swedish naming his
last name ought to be Hansson after his father Hans but he might have used his father`s last name

Around that time the mother`s last name had to be Olsdotter most likely from a father Olof.

A lot of people from south of Sweden went through Denmark to England and further on
to the US.

Try various names when searching the data bases.
  SVAR 2009-05-01 08:55

Some more links to try

and the Danish

Parsson is probably Persson and his mother`s last name maybe Olsdotter.
According to the Swedish naming his last ought to be Hansson in Sweden.
Search with "open eyes".
  SVAR 2009-05-02 15:21

Dear Susanna and Solveig and All:

Thanks for trying to help. All that we have been able to verify about him is what I have provided for you.  I hope that his marriage license that was attached to the previous email
came through for you.  In documents, I only found a "William J. Parsons:" voting in New York City in 1880, marrying in NYC in 1879, and then his wife is listed as a widow in the
1893 New York City Directory, so we believe he died by then.  We have NO other information about him at this time except that he is listed in his father-in-law"s Estate Inventory
in 1883 in Orebro, Sweden as "farmer."  This confuses us because in the only census we have for him, he is listed as "miner" and his marriage license says "mining stocks."
He married Carolina Christina Bjorkander in NYC in1879, and he fathered a daughter, Marie Louise Parsons, in 1885 in New York City.  To our knowledge, they never lived anywhere but
New York City.  A New York City genealogist has been trying to find his death for us, but we have had no luck so far.  It is a mystery, and as you can see, with so little information
to go in, it is hard to research.  I thank  you so very kindly for the suggestions you have given about naming and resources, etc.  There was a Swedish William Persson coming over via
Copenhagen to Chicago in about 1875, and we don"t know if this could be he or not.  And we don"t know how to find out.      Thanks to all of you for helping !!
  SVAR 2009-05-02 15:47

Hej Jeanne,
There was no document attached to your last posting. But I"ve seen the marriage in NY and oddly Caroline is listed as Burkander. I have also found Caroline and her daughter in the 1900 census and 1910, still in NY and dressmakers. The year of birth is of importance though and if we could find a more exact year then maybe we could trace him down in the NYC deaths. So far I haven"t found a good match in that index - there are so many William Parson/Parsons. All we know is that he died between 1885-1900. Don"t give up. Is the marriage cert. from a church or the city? You can probably find out more if you know if they belonged to a certain church in the area. And keep on looking for deaths in NYC - I will.

  SVAR 2009-05-02 18:08

Dear Susanna:

Thanks for trying to help.  Yes, the Bjorkander siblings who came to the U.S. took "Burkander" for some reason.  As far as William"s death, because his wife, Caroline, is listed in the
1893 New York City Directory as a widow, we believe that William died by 1893. The NYC genealogist has looked through probate papers for this era for William Parsons in NYC, and there appear to be none.   As for Caroline and the daughter, Marie Louise, by the 1910 census they were in Orange Park, Florida, no longer living in New York City. The mother"s health took them to Florida about 1906.    We did contact the church in NYC where the marriage took place to see if there was family information there-- especially about William.  They did not have any to share, and there was no funeral date there.   I am  trying to attach for you the Caroline/Wm marriage license, but
if you don"t receive it, please email me directly at, and I will send it your way.  Am having a little trouble following directions on this web site because of my limited
knowledge of Swedish. While the attachment LOOKS to me like it is there, it may not be.  And Susanna, thanks so much for trying to help us.  William has been hiding from me for 15 months, but at least we have had better luck finding the other Swedes in our research who came to America.  Please see other article attachment [if it is there]   Take care!      Jeanne
  SVAR 2009-05-02 18:14

Attached [I hope]  is a record at for a William Pehrsson leaving from Copenhagen to Chicago on March 10, 1875.  We do not know how to determine if this
might be our William Parsons or not, but the time frame would be about right, in that all we know for sure is that he was here by 1879 when he married Caroline Bjorkander [Burkander]
in New York City.     Jeanne Rollberg
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