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Polsen, Neils, Malmo, levde 18792014-09-22 16:47

2009-03-12 01:39 

I am trying to find information on my great great grandfather. He came to Australia in 1880 from Sweden his fa was Johnson. All I know is that he was a ships carpenter and that he came to Australia by himself. I am hoping that someone may know of any Polsens in the area who may be related. tack.
Jag talar lite svenska.
  SVAR 2009-03-12 05:50

Good evening Brett,
Do you know when he was born? Approx. year? And do you know where he came to in Australia?

There is a Nils Pålsson (which would be his proper name in Sweden) that was born in 1854 and he left from Copenhagen in 1878, destination Queensland. Not that I think it"s him but any additional information would be helpful.


  SVAR 2009-03-12 11:41

Hej Susanna,

The only information that we have is that he was born maybe in 1855(could have been 1854) his fathers  forename  was Johnson. Nils was a ships carpenter and the story we have is that he jumped ship in either Brisbane (which is the capital of Queensland) or in Sydney (capital of New South Wales). This could be him or at the very least its a close match. He died in Australia on the 13th September 1936.
  SVAR 2009-03-12 15:30

Good day too you Brett,

Index: Census 1880 (Malmöhus län)

About the person
Name: Nils Pålsson
Homeparish: Malmö Caroli
Residence: Kvarteret 11b Rostock.
County: Malmöhus
Date of birth: 1855-01-27
Parish of birth: Hyby Malmöhus län
Occupation: Carpenter
Marital status: Unmarried (O)
Gender: Man
Family status code: Single (E)

I think it"s him!

Nils, father was Pål Jonsson and mother was Hanna Jönsdotter

Pål was born 1810-09-20 and Hanna was born 1810-11-04

You can visit me on my homepage.

With regards
  SVAR 2009-03-12 17:18

It can"t be Nils Pålsson, born 1855 in Hyby parish, because he didn"t emigrate.

The only possible Nils Pålsson in the Swedish emigrant sources is the man Susanna found. He was born October 2, 1854 in Kvidinge parish, Kristianstad County.

  SVAR 2009-03-12 17:28

Are sailors necessarily registered as emigrants?
  SVAR 2009-03-12 17:40

One more thing as to Nils Pålsson born in Hyby parish in 1855. His father was named Pål Persson and was from Klågerup and his mother was Hanna Jöns, see  (a database)
If it is true that he jumped a ship in Australia, I doubt he was registered as a proper emigrant in Sweden.

Eva M

PS Last names ending with -son are quite common in Sweden.
  SVAR 2009-03-12 18:11

Hello everyone,

Yes it might be him, I couldn"t tell since I did not have more than a name for him. I"ll try to follow him up in time (will get back to you tonight as I"m at work right now...), in household examinations  to see if he"s a possible match. He was the only one matching the few details we had and who left for Australia. 

Ove, sailors are not always found in emigration records, no they"re not emigrants, but they can be found at times in the Emisjo records if they take off, desert while on duty or if they"re "lost at sea", drowned or died from diseases etc. If the seaman or sailor, whatever you want to call them, were working on ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean they can be found in crew/passenger lists quite easily. But once you lose track of them, and they are "absent" in the Swedish records/censuses you have a problem, they can be anywhere in the world.

In this case I hope Nils was not a sailor, but a "regular" emigrant headed for Australia. Brett, it could be the one I found but we need more time to follow up. Thanks Bo for checking! Next step is to follow Nils from when he was born in Kvidinge to his adult life. We"ll get back to you soon.

My best,
  SVAR 2009-03-12 18:11

Hello everyone,

Yes it might be him, I couldn"t tell since I did not have more than a name for him. I"ll try to follow him up in time (will get back to you tonight as I"m at work right now...), in household examinations  to see if he"s a possible match. He was the only one matching the few details we had and who left for Australia. 

Ove, sailors are not always found in emigration records, no they"re not emigrants, but they can be found at times in the Emisjo records if they take off, desert while on duty or if they"re "lost at sea", drowned or died from diseases etc. If the seaman or sailor, whatever you want to call them, were working on ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean they can be found in crew/passenger lists quite easily. But once you lose track of them, and they are "absent" in the Swedish records/censuses you have a problem, they can be anywhere in the world.

In this case I hope Nils was not a sailor, but a "regular" emigrant headed for Australia. Brett, it could be the one I found but we need more time to follow up. Thanks Bo for checking! Next step is to follow Nils from when he was born in Kvidinge to his adult life. We"ll get back to you soon.

My best,
  SVAR 2009-03-12 19:05

I wrote something about Nils Pålsson from Hyby. His parents wer Pål Persson and Hanna Jöns. Probably my message was considered Spam.
I looked at the man who emigrated from Copenhagen to Queensland in 1878. He was a farmworker not a carpenter.
If Nils Pålsson was a seaman I think you have to look into the Swedish Seamen"s houses. Some of them have been digitised. And we don"t know if he was on a Swedish ship.

Eva M
  SVAR 2009-03-12 20:41

Hi Brett,

Corrections about Nils Pålsson

Vinninge No.15, Hyby (M) Census 1873-1884 GID:1258.41.62000

Owner      Pål Andersson                    b. 1819-10-30 Hyby,         d. 1875-09-05 Hyby
wife          Gertrud Andersdotter          b. 1825-10-23 Hötofta           move to Malmö Caroli    1878-10-23
Children  Anders Pålsson Norgren  b. 1848-12-25 Hyby                move to Vallkära             1875-08-24
                  Per Malmros                        b. 1853-03-06 Hyby                move to Malmö Caroli   1878-10-23
                  Nils Pålsson                        b. 1855-09-11 Hyby                move to Malmö Caroli   1878-10-23
                  Olof Pålsson                        b. 1858-04-17 Hyby                move to Malmö Caroli   1878-10-23
                  Lars Pålsson                       b. 1860-11-11 Hyby                move to Malmö St.Petri 1878-10-23
                  Elna Pålsson                       b. 1863-05-26 Hyby                move to Malmö Caroli   1878-10-23

Index: Census 1880 (Malmöhus län)
Hemförsamling: Malmö Caroli
Hemort: Kvarteret 11b Rostock.
Kontrakt: Oxie
Län: Malmöhus

Gertrud Andersdotter, f. 1825 i Hötofta, Oxie Malmöhus län, Widow

Nils Pålsson, f. 1855 i Hyby Malmöhus län, Carpenter

Olof Pålsson, f. 1858 i Hyby Malmöhus län, Workman

Elna Pålsson, f. 1863 i Hyby Malmöhus län, Maid

You can visit me on my homepage.

With regards
  SVAR 2009-03-12 22:04

Thankyou to everyone for looking for me, I think this may be him as there are a lot of similarities. We do know that his father"s name was Jonsson, so that matches with what Ingold has given. I wonder if there is a death certificate for Nils born in Hyby parish. My grandfather tells me that when he came to Australia he couldn"t speak any English.

  SVAR 2009-03-12 23:08

Hi Brett, Hi all,
That is what I"m suggesting. We have to follow these individuals "out". What about the 1890 census? This above is from the 1880 census. Can they be found, both of them, in the 1890 census? And when it comes to occupation, he might have been a farmhand in Sweden and something else in his new country. it doesn"t really mean much at this stage. People  moved out as farmers and became Vice Presidents of banks and priests in their new countries. We"re too far away from a conclusion, they need to be tracked down from their birth and like in Hyby Nils, from 1878 as he moved to Malmo. Where is he after that? That"s what we need to look into now.

  SVAR 2009-03-13 05:44


There is a Nils Pålsson/Polsen arriving in New South Wales according to Ancestry .com (Australian immigration archives). Unfortunately I have no Ancestry subscription so I can"t see all the information. Perhaps somebody who has a subscription could look him up.
By the way,  Brett,  how do you know that your great grandfather was from Malmo. You say his father"s name was Johnson.  The two Nils Pålssons suggested here didn"t have a father named Johnson as last name.
There are no death certificates in Sweden the way you have in Australia. You have to follow the person in the parish books until he dies. Deaths after 1947 are recorded on a CD.
Have you got a death certificate for your great grandfather that  may give information? Did he apply for Australian citizenship? Perhaps you could find something in his application. Of course your Nils could"t speak English. He had most certainly been to school for 5-6 years at the most, perhaps even shorter. Probably he started working when he was 12. People in general didn"t start learning English until after WW2.
  SVAR 2009-03-13 06:25

Where do you find that one? I see several Nils Polsen/Polson. If you tell me which list it is I can take a look. So right about the above, they don"t match if the father"s last name is to be Jonsson, Johnsson, Johansson etc. I see a Nils Pålsson born in Hyby in 1855, living in Malmo Karoli in the 1900 census. He"s a timber man, unmarried and could be the one who moved to Malmo in 1878. But we have to find out more. There are no other good matches for a Nils Pålsson born 1854-1855 in that province in the 1900 census.

Here"s the "match" I found yesterday;

Emigranten Populär, 1783-1951 Swedish Emigration Records, 1783-1951
about Nils Pålsson
Name: Nils Pålsson
Birth Year: abt 1854
Place of Origin: Sverige
Destination: Queensland
Record Date: 25 sep 1878
Port of Departure: Köpenhamn
Database Name: EmiHamn
Occupation/Title: Landarbejder
Archive Call Number: 2279
Principal Person: Pålsson Nils

I"m not saying it"s him. Oh no. We can only play with names and try and find as many Nils Pålsson as possible born close or around Malmo in 1854-1855. Possibly with a father who"s last name is Johnsson in some form.

I"ll keep on looking but it"s not easy unless you have more information Brett. Back soon.
  SVAR 2009-03-13 06:41

PS It is correct  that there were two Nils Pålsson born in 1855 in Hyby so there are
two Nils to follow. I hope some kind person at Malmö Stadsarkiv will see this and help you, or if somebody who has a Genline subscription can look them up for you. It is peculiar that the two seem live at the same block in 1880. Perhaps they were good friends or related, and they have the same profession carpenter. Bo says that Nils born in January 1855 didn"t emigrate, so perhaps you only have to follow the one born in September.
  SVAR 2009-03-13 06:48

Susanna, I can"t remember which list it was on Ancestry but I think it was a list called "unattended immigrants to Australia" or something like that.  There are several Polsen but when I typed born in 1855 there was one Nils.

  SVAR 2009-03-13 13:14

I have found a seaman in Karlskrona"s Seamen"s house named Nils Pålsson. The entry is from 1874. He was born on 28 Feb. ,1855 in Hyllie/Limhamn which is a suburb of Malmö nowadays. His parents were Pål Nilsson and Elsa Andersdotter. (see
Could he be your great-grandfather? Perhaps somebody could look him up.
Eva M

PS At least this one has got something to do with shipping.
  SVAR 2009-03-13 13:38

Hi Brett, Hi all,

You write that he was a ships carpenter ( timmerman) and that he came to Australia by himself, he jumped from a ship in either Brisbane or Sydney .

I found a marriage in Queensland 1883 (C103) between Niels Poulsen and Maria Katarina Tro.............
And in the birth record from Queensland  following:
Reg #              Family name  Given name        Fathers given names    Mothers names 

1886/C545     Poulsen        John Paul              Niels                                 Maria Katarine True
1888/C639     Poulsen        Henry William       Niels                                 Maria Katarine Troe
1891/C494     Poulsen        George Cort          Niels                                 Maria Katherine Trol
1892/C863     Poulsen        Andrew Edward    Niels                                 Maria Katerine Troe
1895/C581     Poulsen        Ernest Herbert     Niels                                  Maria Katharine Troe
1903/C6925  Poulsen        Maria Katharina    Niels                                 Maria Katharina Troe

Are those people your family?

In which part of Australia are you living. I have been around from Perth in western Australia to Cairns in the northest.
You can answer me at

To Eva M
That Nils Pålsson you found, was marriage in Svedala.

Have a good day
  SVAR 2009-03-13 14:39

Hello Ingold,

I assume you are talking about the one who I found in Karlskrona"s seamen"s house. I can"t find him getting married in Svedala.

Eva M

PS I think you, Brett, will have to come up with some more (exact) information information. As you see Nils Pålsson was not an uncommon name in Sweden.
I am a bit curious about Malmö since this is where I was born too. It is Sweden"s third largest city/town with 300,000 inhabitants.
  SVAR 2009-03-13 15:22

Hi Eva M

About the one who you found in Karlskrona"s seamen"s house, Svedala was alias for Sweden.

This is about him:
Hemförsamling: Malmö Caroli
Hemort: Östra Förstadens ytterområde
Kontrakt: Oxie
Län: Malmöhus
Nils Pålsson, f. 1855 i Hyllie Malmöhus län, Bodkarl
Estred Carlsson, f. 1853 i Svedala Malmöhus län
Karl Gustaf, f. 1897 i Malmö Sankt Petri Malmöhus län

I hope that Brett can giv as some more information

  SVAR 2009-03-13 16:46

Good morning everyone,

I see that Brett has not been back lately. What I think you should do Brett is to order a copy of his death cert. and hope it has some more to tell, like a a parish where he was born. Initially Brett said that his father"s forename was Johnson. That was of course translated into us as Johnson is his last name and Pål his first name. Those were the name rules in those days. We found information from 1995-2008 New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages that tells us why Brett believes that would be his forename (given name);

Registration Number  17195/1936
Last Name POLSEN
Given Name(s) NEILS
Father"s Given Name(s) JOHNSON (his last name as first!)
Mother"s Given Name(s)

Nils lived, it seems, in New South Wales at the time of his death. Brett, this cert. can easily be
purshased. I"ll give you the link if you don"t have it.

So this leaves us with the following; Nils"s fathers last name was most probably Johnsson/Johansson or similar.

None of the above are matching, both Hyby Nils are in the later censuses. Kvidinge Nils is also out of the picture. We need more background info.


  SVAR 2009-03-13 17:34

Hi Susanna,
I notice that father"s given name is Johnson (or something similar) but there is no mother"s given name. It could very well be that Nils was born out of wedlock and that Johnson is his mother"s name that was given on the death certificate. What you need is his place of birth which I don"t think was Malmö

Eva M
  SVAR 2009-03-13 17:40

PS I mean Pålsson could have been his mother"s married name.
  SVAR 2009-03-13 17:55

Hi Eva,

It could have been his mother"s maiden name you mean? Or it could have been just a mistake. I have now vaccumed all sources I have and last night I gave up on following Nils from Kvidinge, the one born on Oct 2 1854. His father"s first name was Pal and that"s why I decided to follow him from his birth in 1854. I lost him at midnight, gave up. Today I went back to the emigration records, found the same Nils in the Danish emigration records that I found in the Swedish Emihamn records on Ancestry and decided to do a look up in emiweb too. There he was, Nils P born on Oct 2 in 1854 did leaving Kvidinge, Backahus, on Sept 2 in 1878 for Australia...

I don"t know what you think but I believe it"s him. Though his date of birth has to be verified with Brett (if he can get it from the death cert.). And of course the possibly "mistaken" last name of his father. And Malmo, yes that was his first stop before jumping over to Denmark.

Everyone, let me know if you want copies of what I have found. I"ll send it to you. Brett, you now need to find out more or less when he was born. 



  SVAR 2009-03-13 18:13

Hi all,

Found and lost!
I just found and then lost, the registration of a Niels Polsen when he become a Australian citizens.

The yer was 1912. That way Nils  are in the later censuses i Sweden.

  SVAR 2009-03-13 18:35

I have found something on The registration of death of 1936 that you are referring to Susanna. According to this father"s given name is Johnson Polsen. His wife"s name was Julia Ann and she died in 1938.

But Johnson is not a first name, I believe.  It could be Jöns or Johan.

Ingold, you can"t tell that Nils is in the Swedish census because of the fact that he became an Australian citizen in 1912. You can live in a foreign country without obtaining citizenship. I would say a copy of his application for citizenship would probably give more information than the death certificate. Nils applied himself for citizenship whereas the death certificate is based on information from, probably, his wife or a son/daugther.

Now Brett where are you? Probably asleep.  I will have a glass of Lindemann.
Eva M
  SVAR 2009-03-13 19:30

Which could be Jöns or Johan, so right. I still believe that Brett has to come back and confirm some names and dates. Citizenship papers would be perfect (some in Australia didn"t get it until after many many years, decades even, it"s not like it was in the US). And of course if he could get a birth date from whatever doc"s we"d be thrilled and could move on. Until then, I"m doing what you"re doing Eva, but first I have to do the weekly food shooping and call it a weekend. I believe they have Lindemanns on sale for $4.99 now, I prefer the Shiraz.

Have a great evening all of you!


  SVAR 2009-03-14 01:06

hello everyone,

Thankyou for all the wonderful help and information. I will try as best I can to fill in what blanks there are as far as we know. Yea Eva that is him that you found Nils married Julia Ann Oliver on the 23rd July 1881 at a town called Jugiong which is about 40km from Gundagai which is in New South Wales. I just spoke with my grandfather who remembers him but as he is now in his 90"s cant say much about him, apart from that he was from Sweden and that he came on a ship and that there was a lot of people that stayed in Australia. I do have a cousin who has done our family tree but got stuck at Nils. She is out at the moment but I will call her later and see what information she has. Im going to work now but will login again later this afternoon. Once again thankyou to everyone and I hope you both enjoyed your wine Susanna and Eva.

  SVAR 2009-03-14 03:20

Hello Brett,

So it is Neils Polsen in New South Wales who was your great great grandfather.
Between 1882 and 1905 Neils and Julia had 10 children: Albert William, Mary Ann, Amelia, Edward, Arthur, Bertie, Neils, Seaweira, Eva and Emanuel.  There is also a Bertie Polson born in 1912 in Wellington. His parents are Neils and Julia A.  It could be your relative. Sometimes a child had the same name as a child that had died. Neils" last name is either written Polson or Polsen.(
In the national archives of Australia there is an application/decision for Australian citizenship for a Neils Polsen, case number 1912/9812.
Julia"s mother was called Mary Ann (there is no father).
Neils is probably not in the Swedish census of 1880. I guess your cousin doesn"t have Neils" exact place of birth since she got stuck at him. But have you got his exact date of birth?
I am still curious why you mention Malmö. I don"t think your great great grandfather was born here. Perhaps he lived in Malmö before he leaving Sweden. Copenhagen is just across Malmö. In those days it took 4-5 hours perhaps to go to Copenhagen. Nowadays there is a bridge and it takes 20 minutes by car.
Eva M

PS The wine was excellent.
  SVAR 2009-03-14 07:42

Good morning everyone,

Found and lost and than found again!


Klicka för en större bild

  SVAR 2009-03-14 07:55

Hi everybody,

I sent a message very early this morning but it seems to have been treated as spam because is didn"t pop up. I found Nils 10 children born between 1882 and 1905 in New South Wales. Then there is a child born in 1912 who  I am sure of because this child has the same name Bertie as one the other children. He was born in Wellington. But it has Neils and Julia A as parents. Could the first Bertie have died? The last name is written either Polsen or Polson.
In the national archives of Australia there is an application/decision for citizenship for a Neils Polsen, case number 1912/9812.
More information is needed to find him in Sweden.
PS My other message may appear. It contains names of the children and links. The wine was excellent.
  SVAR 2009-03-14 08:09

Hello again, I just saw the picture Ingold sent.

In Malmö,  S:t Petri parish, there was a Nils Petter born on 11th November 1854 according to which contains transcriptions of births. His parents were Påhl Nilsson and Hanna Olsdotter. Father was a laborer.
Ingold, I assume that you have got Genline. Could you check original birth book and/or the SCB material? It could be a typing error.

  SVAR 2009-03-14 08:22

H ello Ingold,

I just sent a message but it is probably being treated as spam. There is a Nils Petter born in Malmö S:t Petri on 11th November 1854 (not on 1st- it  is from .
His parents were Påhl Nilsson and Hanna Olsdotter. Can you check this? I haven"t got Genline.

Eva M
  SVAR 2009-03-14 08:25

PS SFN 38 probably means Södra Förstaden No. 38
  SVAR 2009-03-14 08:36

hej Eva, Ingold & Susanna,

Just regarding the name Bertie born in Wellington, there is a Wellington in NSW, which is close to Jugiong, Coolac and Gundagai. The stat dec. that Ingold has downloaded is brilliant. Does that date of birth correspond with any of the Nils that you have found? I spoke with my cousin and she doesn"t have much more than what I have given.  There is a Nils Petter born in Malmö S:t Petri on 11th November 1854 (not on 1st- it is from .His parents were Påhl Nilsson and Hanna Olsdotter. Could Petter be a way of writing Polsen or is this someone different again?


Ps glad you enjoyed the wine.
  SVAR 2009-03-14 09:10

Hello Brett,

Petter is a Swedish form for Peter. This Nils had a middle name. In the old days a child got his last name from his father"s first name.  Nils" father was Påhl so the son was called Påhlsson (son of Påhl). If it was a girl she would be named Påhlsdotter (daughter of Påhl).
It could be your Neils in S:t Petri parish. I hope Ingold is searching the original records right now. I have no subscription since I have finished my family story. I can assure you that errors in the church books do occur. 1 and 7 are often mixed up.
If you want to look at the Australian indexes:    - click at family history.
I wonder if the child born in 1912 is Niels". There is a difference of 23 years between the oldest child and that child. OK  it is possible if Julia Ann was around 18 when she got married. I think you will find Julia Ann"s birth at the above site too.

  SVAR 2009-03-14 09:20

Hej Brett,

I just wrote you a message explaining the old Swedish system of surnames. My messages seem to be considered spam. Perhaps they will pop up later.
Petter is a form of Peter. This could very well be Neils" father since his first name is Påhl. Påhlsson mean son of Påhl.
I gave you a link (perhaps that is why my messages are considered spam:     I have left out www. There you find the indexes for births, deaths and marriages in New South Wales.

PS 2-3 messages from me may pop up later. I hope Ingold is searching the original records right now. Susanna is probably sleeping.
  SVAR 2009-03-14 09:26

Hi all,

yes, several of Eva"s messages contained links and thus had to be pre-examined by me. This is a safe guard against spam, which usually contain links. If this happens, you can just relax, I will OK them as soon as I read the messages.
  SVAR 2009-03-14 10:31

Tack för förklaringen,  Anders. Jag förstod  nästan att det var länkarna som fastnade i nätet.

Eva M

  SVAR 2009-03-14 10:51

Nils Petter Pålsson, born November 11, 1854 in Malmö Sankt Petri parish died November 17, 1854 in Malmö Sankt Petri parish. Source: AD Online.
  SVAR 2009-03-14 11:14

Hi everybody,
So this is not the right Nils either. I think that your great great grandfather was born somewhere else, possibly somewhere near Malmö. But where, that is the question?  He may have had some connection to Malmö, or maybe he just said Malmö because it is easy to spell.
I have run out of clues how to find him. A seamen"s house but which?

Eva M
  SVAR 2009-03-14 11:58

PS I have checked the seamen"s houses. There was one in Malmö, but I don"t think it has been digitised. Perhaps some "hobby genealogist" can look  him up in Lund where they keep the records.
  SVAR 2009-03-14 12:51

hej everyone,

Does this mean that we have reached the end again? Or is it just possible that one of these Nils could be the one?
  SVAR 2009-03-14 13:28

You are right, Brett. All the candidates are gone.

Can you confirm that Neils Polsen in the Statutory Decalaration is your great great grandfather?
  SVAR 2009-03-14 15:14

Hi again Brett,
We seem to have come to the point where I wish we also had Anglo-Saxon bmd certificate system. We would have found all Nils Pålssons born in 1854 by searching the indexes. In Sweden you have to know either the parish where a person was born or where he died (or where he lived at a certain time).  Then, if  you are lucky,  you can follow him from birth to death getting information about where he lived and who he married and how many children he had and when they died etc. The births of some parishes have been digitised, like the parishes of Malmö.
I think it is your great great grandfather on the declaration. I have checked all deaths of NSW from 1910 till 1970. There are two deaths referring to Niels Polsen, your great great grandfather"s and that of his son"s in 1942. I have also checked Queensland but I could not find the death of a Neils Polsen/Polson there.
I am wondering about his father"s name Johnson Polsen. Johnson is a family name and so is Polsen. I wonder if he  made up this name or if it is a miss-spelling. I think you have to look at Nils" marriage certificate. There might be something interesting in it, I don"t know.
In the declaration it is said that he had been in Australia for 35 years. That means that he isn"t in the 1880 census. I don"t know if "non-existing" people are listed in the census.
I believe that the seamen"s houses where Swedish seamen had to be registered is the place where to look. In this province, Skåne, there are at least 5 of them. But it would be a good idea to start with Malmö.
I am afraid I can"t help you more. I am going to Lund but I have to wait till the summer holidays, ie in three months. I will have a look at this site now and then to see how your case is developping. Maybe some kind person will offer you her/his help.
Good luck!
  SVAR 2009-03-14 16:04

Brett, look  at:  Search: Neils Polsen - immigration and naturlization

You can see the whole application (7 pages) He disembarked in Sydney in October 1877. Name of the ship: the Glengerue (or something similar). The name doesn"t sound Swedish. I think he worked on a not-Swedish ship. I couldn"t find the crew list of that ship.

  SVAR 2009-03-14 21:38

Hej Eva. 

tack själv till deras hjälp , Jag hoppa det till komme en dag till Sverige. I hope thats right. Yes also the Nils Polsen on the stat dec. is my great great grandfather. Maybe the Johnson that he refers to is a mistake in his translation, could it be johan or john. Im not familiar with the spelling but I would pronounce the first "yo han" are they swedish names?
  SVAR 2009-03-15 05:57

Hej Brett,

Johan, John, Jöns are Swedish first names. The first name would be pronounced the way you suggest. The last name Jöns would probably be prononunced in English like the second name with an s: jons. If Neils" father was called Pål Pålsson, Nils" would be Nils Pålsson. If his father had one of the other first names, he would be called Nils Johansson, Nils Johnsson or Nils Jönsson. It is a bit puzzling with the name of his father and the fact that the parish he gives as place of birth is not the right one. I hope someone will go to the archives in Lund and have a look at "inskrivningsregistret" of Malmö"s seamen"s house which is alphabetically arrranged (at least I think so).
Lycka till! Jag håller tummarna för dig att dig att du ska hitta Nils. (I keep my fingers crossed). Our ancestors sometimes give us trouble.
Eva M
  SVAR 2009-03-19 06:24

Hej igen Brett,
I have been searching crew lists in Australia without finding Neils Polsen/Polson. I found a list of Swedish seamen jumping ships from the seamen"s house in Stockholm but your ancestor is not there.
I saw a figure of Swedish seamen jumping ship in Australia. There were more than
2000 of them.
Perhaps your ancestor hade been deleted from his Swedish seamen"s house (if he was ever registered there) long before he stayed down under.
I will be back if I find something.
Eva M
  SVAR 2009-03-19 11:22

Jag undrar var man finner sådana listor med avhoppade svenska sjömän i Australien?
Skulle bli mycket tacksam för information om adress mm.

Monica L I
  SVAR 2009-03-19 13:05

Hi everyone,

I have been searching  the ship Glengerue, I find the Glengairn.

Construction WOOD
Date 1863
Official Number 45213
Description Rig: SHIP
Launched in April 1863
1865-66 Master Garrioch
Route London - Australia

By 1875 registered as Glengairn, master J. Fimister
Shipowner A Nicol & Co., Aberdeen
Shipbuilder Walter Hood and Co
Dimensions length 185" x breadth 33" 3" x depth 21" 9"
Gross Tonnage: 894ton

Arrival days for the Glengairn to Sydney.
1863 Sep 30 GLENGAIRN SHIP Page 088 1841_1866
1865 Mar 16 GLENGAIRN SHIP Page 088 1841_1866
1866 Jun 27 GLENGAIRN SHIP Page 089 1841_1866
1872 Jun 29 GLENGAIRN SHIP Page 166 1867_1882
1873 Sep 10 GLENGAIRN SHIP Page 167 1867_1882
1874 May 25 GLENGAIRN SHIP Page 167 1867_1882
1875 Mar 6 GLENGAIRN SHIP Page 168 1867_1882
1876 Feb 2 GLENGAIRN SHIP Page 168 1867_1882
1877 Jan 7 GLENGAIRN SHIP Page 169 1867_1882
1878 Apr 8 GLENGAIRN SHIP Page 170 1867_1882
1879 Sep 19 GLENGAIRN BARQUE Page 171 1867_1882

I find the crew list of that ship in 1879 Sep 19

Mariners and ships in Australian Waters
Surname Given name Station Age Of what Nation Status Comments
PETERS NILS A. B. 25 SWEDEN CREW  (A.B. stands for able seaman)

  SVAR 2009-03-19 16:14

Hello Ingold,

I found that ship too, but I couldn"t find the crewlist. That was the closest match to Glengerue (?) (have you looked at According to the declaration he disembarked in October 1877. The Glengairn wasn"t in Sydney at that time. I wonder if the name Peters Nils should be Pettersson Nils. He is Sweden crew whereas Stromberg August probably is Gothenburg(Gottenberg) crew. Perhaps somebody could check "Göteborgs sjömanshus".

Till Monica:  Jag hittade en lista med avhoppade/avlidna sjömän när jag sökte på just "avhoppade sjömän". Den här listan täcker sjömän från Stockholms sjömanshus. Det var svenska sjömän som hoppat av lite varstans i världen. Det ska också finnas en CD från Göteborg, Lysekil osv. När det gäller Australien fick jag från någon i Sydney adressen:
Jag hittade skeppslistor där men inte listor på avhoppade sjömän.

  SVAR 2009-07-14 18:17

Hi Brett!
I have been to the archive in Lund and searched in the lists of the Malmo Seamen"s House. Unfortunately I could not find "your" Neils Polsen. There were others but none of them was born in 1854. Sorry.

  SVAR 2014-08-22 02:19

Good Morning,

I have information about a Neil Polsen born abt 1855 father, Johnson.    He died in 1936 in NSW, Australia.    He married Julia Ann Oliver in 1881 and they had seven or eight children.    I have a lot of this information if you would like to contact me.



  SVAR 2014-09-22 16:47

Hej Margaret,

This is Brett, Neil's great grandson,  I would be very interested in what you have discovered. Especially his life before he came to Australia.





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